Sample HLA Programs

If you are interested in looking at some HLA programs to get a flavor of the language, you can view the following files. Note that many of these example programs, plus many more, are included with the HLA distribution.
Program Name Description
HLABasic.html A complete BASIC interpreter written with HLA.
calc2.hla Demonstrates a simple interactive calculator written in HLA.
A simple Rich Editor tool written by Sevag Krikorian (Kain) that demonstrates how to create a simple text editor using HLA. Riched.txt provides a brief description of the code, Riched.hla allows you to quickly scan over the main program, provides the full (compilable) source code for the application.
casedemo.hla Demonstrates how to create a C/C++ style switch/case statement using the HLA macro facilities
CmdLnDemo.hla Demonstrates how to access console window command line parameters using the HLA args library.
cntBits.hla Program that demonstrates an efficient way to count the number of bits in a 32-bit register.
DemoRandom.hla Demonstrates how to use the HLA random number generator library. Also demonstrates a FOR loop macro.
fib.hla Demonstration of recursive Fibonnacci number generation.
FindFirst.hla Demonstrates how to call Win32 API routines. Also demonstrates the use of iterators in a program. Demonstrates the use of the Win32 FindFirstFile and FindNextFile routines.
hllmacs.hla This program demonstrates how to create your own control structures in HLA. It demonstrates how to use HLA's macro facility to create most of the common HLL control structures (e.g., IF, WHILE, REPEAT..UNTIL, FOR, etc).
rpn.hla A short program that translates RPN expression into assembly code.
TableDemo.hla A short program that demonstrate HLA's pattern matching and table lookup facilities. This program displays the frequency of each word in a text file.
tstencrypt.hla A simple program that encrypts an array of data using the XOR instruction
TstFE.hla A simple program that checks to see if a file exists.
UCRPgm2.hla An assembly language course programming assignment in HLA. Students were expected to write a program to compute arithmetic "truth tables" (i.e., a multiplication table) for various functions based on user input.
uuencodeDemo.hla Example of the type of bit shifting necessary for the UNIX uuencode operation.
x2p.hla An "expression compiler" that lets you enter arithmetic expressions and it will produce an HLA procedure that calculates the result of that expression. User submitted Win32 header files for HLA