Errata for

Write Great Code Volume I

Though we spent considerable effort attempting to ensure the correctness of this book, a few typographical and other errors are bound to have escaped the review process. This page corrects those mistakes and omissions

1st Edition:

Pg 54:

The C code that reads:

Bit30 = ((ShiftThisValue & 0x800000000) != 0 ) ? 0x40000000 : 0;

The value "0x800000000" should really be "0x80000000" (seven zeros instead of eight).

Pg 65:

Simple spelling mistake: "represernt" should be "represent".

Pg 136:

The book claims that there are 2^56 (two raised to the 56th power) elementary particles in the known universe. This number is too small (I copied this from some article without verifying it myself – shame on me). The real value is around 2^76 (approximately). So, in theory, it might be possible to build a memory subsystem with 2^64 bytes of memory. Physically, however, such a memory subsystem would be huge (for example, it takes four billion DVDs to represent this much information). So it's probably still safe to say that 2^64 is still an "infinite" amount of memory as far as personal computers are concerned.


2nd Edition:

Pg 165:

The C code that reads:

while( *ePtr !- '\0' && *ePtr != 'a' )

should really be:

while( *ePtr !- '\0' && *ePtr != 'e' )

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