Which Edition is for Me?
The Art of Assembly Language Programming is available in four editions: a published edition that handles both Windows and Linux, a 32-bit electronic edition for Windows, a 32-bit electronic edition for Linux, and a 16-bit electronic edition for DOS. Most PC owners will want to read the published edition as it covers both OSes in a generic fashion. The Windows and Linux on-line electronic editions are great for quick reference when the book is not available. Most readers should avoid the DOS edition since DOS is essentially obsolete at this point. Unless you're taking a course or have a special need to write some DOS software, there is little reason to waste time learning about various DOS calls, segmentation, and other features that you'll never use under Windows or Linux.

The published edition has been professionally proofread and edited. Those wanting an edition with the fewest mistakes in an easy to read format should grab a copy of "The Art of Assembly" from their local bookstore.