Windows Programming in Assembly Language

"Windows Programming in Assembly" is Randy Hyde's new book on, well, writing Windows applications in assembly language. This page contains an early "Alpha" version for your review. This text has yet to be proofread for technical or grammatical errors, so if something doesn't look quite right, it probably isn't. If you find any errors in the book (of any kind), or any other problems for that matter, please email Randy Hyde at http://webster.cs.ucr.edu. Please report the section number, the page number (from the PDF document), and cut and paste the problem into your email. This will make it possible to find the problem and make a correction (you wouldn't believe how many people email comments like "There's an extra comma in a sentence in chapter three...").

This book is being posted on Webster a few chapters at a time. So visit Webster often to keep up to date with the material in this book.

This book is copyrighted. Please respect this copyright and do not distribute copies of this book If I find a bunch of copies floating around on the net, I'll stop putting up chapters here on Webster. You may read the copy on-line and you may make an electronic copy for your own personal use. You may also print one copy for your own personal use.

Copyright 2003, Randall L. Hyde

June 11, 2003 - Placed first six chapters on-line

Windows Programming in Assembly (HTML Files)
Note: A PDF version (better quality, faster download) is also available (click here)
Table of Contents (32K)
CH 01: Readme.Txt
CH 02: Advanced HLA Programming
CH 03: The C-Assembly Connection
CH 04: The RadASM IDE for HLA
CH 05: The Event-Oriented Programming Paradigm
CH 06: Text in a GUI World
CH 07: Graphics
CH 08: Event-Driven Input/Output
CH 09: Debugging Windows Applications (Coming Soon)
CH 10: Controls, Dialogs, Menus, and Windows (Coming Soon)
CH 11: The Resource Compiler (Coming Soon)
CH 12: Icons, Cursors, Bitmaps, and Strings (Coming Soon)
CH 13: File I/O and Other Traditional Kernel Services (Coming Soon)