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Dedicated Professionals Who Love Their Work

Plantation Productions' vision is simple: we do this because we love it. That means we're set on doing things right to ensure the best possible sound, lighting, staging and support for your event. Great equipment plus great talent is your guarantee that we'll get the job done right.

About Plantation Productions, Inc.

Plantation Productions, Inc., is based in Riverside, CA. We mainly cater to clients in Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, Los Angeles, and San Diego counties.

For the past several years, we've run the entertainment stage for the City of Riverside's Festival Of Lights in downtown Riverside. This event runs from the day after Thanksgiving to the first Sunday in January (except Christmas day). Every day of the show Plantation Productions provides the entertainers with professional sound, lighting, staging, and stage management. Year after year we get rave reviews from the performers as well as from City officials. On opening night, the City of Riverside estimates that more than 50,000 people attend the lighting ceremony. During the month, a typical crowd of 50-500 shows up at the entertainment stage for the programs that take place.

Plantation Productions also provides sound, lighting, and staging for several events sponsored by the Riverside Downtown Partnership. This includes their Street Jam concert series and several other major events.

Also for the past several years, Plantation Productions has provided full production services for the Dos Lago Amphitheater and Dos Lagos Promenade shops. We've provided pro audio, staging, and lighting for their Jazz and Rock concert series, Christmas Tree lighting ceremonies and several other events; plus video projection and pro audio for their movie nights.

These are just a few of or clients who keep coming back to use year after year because of our great service and great prices.


An Attitude Like No Other Sound Company

Randy Hyde, Plantation Productions' president, was once warned that he would never make a great sound guy because he was just "too nice." Sound crews have gotten a reputation for being, well, grumpy. That's not our approach. Indeed, we've gotten the reputation for bending over backwards to keep people happy. As shocking a concept as this might seem to our competition, we believe that it's our job to make our customers happy and work with them (and let them work with us) to achieve the goal.

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